Hop-on Hop-off

Ausgangslage und Ziele des Projektes: 

In the future, autonomous shuttles and pods will serve the "last mile" to bus or train stations, so that one can get from A to B comfortably, even without a car. However, if the bus- or taxi-driver is omitted as a "contact person", misunderstandings between the vehicle and the person can occur and thus safety problems can arise, especially in the case of spontaneous exit and entry situations.

Therefore, the aim of the project "Hop-on Hop-off" is to investigate the human-vehicle interaction when entering and exiting autonomous shuttles and pods. By doing so, a user-friendly Vehicle-Environment-Interaction-(VEI-)Concept for autonomous micro mobiles will be developed. For this purpose, the project initially observes and analyzes the interactions between the shuttle and passengers as well as other road users. Media solutions for the vehicle as well as for information systems in the street are accordingly designed for typical interaction situations. Finally, the feasibility of the VEI concept will be tested and the testing will be prepared in a real laboratory on the EUREF Campus in Berlin.

Projektinhalte und Arbeitsschwerpunkte InnoZ: 

The InnoZ coordinates the exploratory study, in which a concept for a test bed around the integration of the automated shuttle operation into the public road space is to be developed.


The project is funded within the framework of the "human-technology-interaction" (MTI) by the BMBF - Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Beteiligte Projektpartner: 

Associated project partners of Hop-on-Hop-off are

  • Easymile
  • CleverShuttle
  • Car2AD
  • College of Saxony Anhalt, design faculty
  • IKEM - Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility
  • MKT AG
01.12.2017 bis 30.11.2018