Piloting and Implementing a Mobility-on-Demand System in Hainan Province, People’s Republic of China

Ausgangslage und Ziele des Projektes: 

Provide strategic advice and operational guidance to the creation of an electric car sharing and mobility-on-demand public transportation system in Hainan on the basis of the Bemobility – Berlin elektroMobil Project. To support knowledge exchange and joint research and development between the Federal Republic of Germany and the People’s Republic of China in the area of electric mobility and mobility-on-demand systems in the context of the Sino-German strategic partnership.Projektinhalte und Arbeitsschwerpunkte

To design, pilot and implement an electric car-sharing system in Hainan on the basis of the expertise developed by InnoZ in the design and implementation of the BeMobility – Berlin elektroMobil Project.

To make available to the Green Economy Center Hainan expertise relating to the relevant technological know-how, operational processes and business models for the operation of a electric vehicle based mobility-on-demand system.

To provide expertise on the required electric vehicles, their power and battery configuration, as well as the required charging infrastructure and its interactive integration with smart grid and urban transport infrastructure.

To provide advice on the requisite ICT user interfaces and the design of relevant travel/billing apps, smart card, smart phone and web travel applications to enable the management, monitoring, utilisation, and optimisation of an electric vehicle based mobility-on-demand system in Hainan.

To identify successful municipal strategies for integrating car-sharing and mobility-on-demand systems with existing municipal public transport offerings and sustainable business models for the establishment and operation of an integrated municipal mobility system.


A Memorandum of Understanding between InnoZ, Hainan Power Grid, Infrawind Eurasia and the China Renewable Energy Society was signed in May 2011. On the basis of the Memorandum, a 5-year implementation plan in cooperation with the Green Economy Center Hainan has now been proposed and is under consideration by the China Power International New Energy Holding.


Research Project

Beteiligte Projektpartner: 

Infrawind Eurasia, Hainan Power Grid