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30. June 2015
The production and usage of the local energy grid on EUREF campus were metered from 2012 to 2014. Despite some short disruptions and construction measures, a significant amount of energy was generated and considerable reductions in emissions were achieved. The first results of an internal assessment illustrate the potential of urban micro smart grids that integrate electric mobility.
20. May 2015
Fossil fuels still receive massive governmental subsidies in states around the world. Simultaneously, many complain about the ‘expensive’ or ‘costly’ sustainable and renewable energy solutions that exist today. A detailed look at the figures shows that policy-makers promote fuel types that will take their toll on the environment and the climate as well as severely impacting the socio-economic deprived among us.
26. March 2015
Numerous partners of the mobility and logistics branch aspired to lastingly support and open up the innovations culture with the platform MovingIDEAS. The online platform allows every user an interdisciplinary and cross-company dialog on the innovational topics: customer comfort, noise, reduction of costs, labour conditions, energy, and capability. Here they can find allies for new ideas, talk to experts, and have the opportunity to initiate new projects. The main focus of the newest campaign is about the energy turnaround on tracks. Participate and convince experts of your ideas for the future!
18. June 2014
France presents a law draft on energy transition. Massive expansion of renewable energy and up to 10.000 buying bonus for electric vehicles are planned.