General project background and objectives: 

Mobility and energy sector are subjected to significant changes in the coming decades. The political decision to start an energy transition towards renewable energy sources and the intention of abolition of oil and other non-renewable energy sources requires an intelligent linkage of both sectors. The research project “EUREF-Forschungscampus “Mobility2Grid” generally aims to connect sustainable energy and innovative mobility and transportation concepts. Based on an existing intelligent energy network (Micro Smard Grid) smart combinations of electric vehicles and sustainable energy supply should be developed, designed and tested.In addition to the technical and economic feasibility, it comes to the main question, how to bring e-carsharing customer needs in accordance with the requirements of renewable energies supply and capacities of the intelligent energy network.

Main tasks of InnoZ: 

InnoZ involves itself actively within the EUREF-Forschungscampus especially in the development of M2G-based concepts, user acceptance research and the project management. The mobility and transport concept should be then implemented and tested at the EUREF-Campus in Schöneberg. Further accompanying research will optimize the concept and allow knowledge transfer to other urban areas.  ResultsThe project seeks to analyze the technical feasibility, the economic potential and the social acceptance of M2G-oriented concepts. Moreover, an optimized solution for both sectors and the implementation of a system that tests such concepts is the objective target. Likewise, a result of the project will be the identification of services and business models, as well as the launch of an institutional framework for further development and consulting tasks.


Federal ministry of education and research (BMBF)

Partners of the project: 

Berliner Stadtreinigung, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, choice GmbH, Climate-KIC Deutschland/Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung (PIK), DAI-Labor der TU-Berlin, DB FuhrparkService, EIM der TU Berlin, EVUR der TU Berlin, Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, IBBA der TU Berlin, ILS der TU Berlin, IZT der TU Berlin, LSE Enterprise, MPM der TU Berlin, NBB, Schneider Electric, SENSE der TU Berlin, Siemens, TU-Campus EUREF, Vattenfall Europe Innovation, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung

Further information:

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