Newest article Global Scootersharing Market Report 2017 [Publication]
New article in Mobility blog Global Scootersharing Market Report 2017 [Publication]
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New article in Data blog Global Scootersharing Market Report 2017 [Publication]
Neu im Digitalisierungsblog Global Scootersharing Market Report 2017 [Publication]
07. November 2017
We proudly present the first edition of our Global Scootersharing Market Report. Explore the status quo of scootersharing in the year 2017 after its brief 5-year history.
16. June 2017
The global scootersharing business has undergone rapid developments since its introduction in 2012. Starting in San Francisco, the idea has spread to many cities and has been a success story. Especially in 2016 and 2017, many new actors have entered the market. The establishment of a third column of shared mobility - besides car- and bikesharing - is becoming more prominent.
20. December 2016
Lisa Ruhrort participated in this year’s conference of the international Cosmobilities Network. The conference was held on 30. November – 2. December 2016 in Bad Boll.
10. November 2016
The Magazine - Siemens about the InnoZ as one of the key actors behind this mobility node "Südkreuz" and the activities at the EUREF-Campus
20. October 2016
LSE* Business Review - LSE about the role of InnoZ in the project "BeMobility"
20. October 2016
IEEE* Spectrum - Christian Scherf about the live in the city of electric and non-motorized traffic.
12. October 2015
InnoZ-member Dr. Melanie Herget has been asked to assess applications for the Norwegian research council in the context of the ENERGIX programme.
15. July 2015
In celebration of 50 years of German-Israeli friendship, the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change would like to announce a highlight event, the Future Mobility Camp on September 3rd at InnoZ on our Platform electricMobility.
08. July 2015
New mobility services enter the rapidly changing and dynamic market, which in turn grows more and more complex. In order to stay competitive and ahead of the different players knowing the relevant target groups becomes crucial, especially in the context of business development. InnoZ’s mobility archetypes expand our clients’ knowledge about their (potential) users and allow for tailored modification of services and products.
30. June 2015
The production and usage of the local energy grid on EUREF campus were metered from 2012 to 2014. Despite some short disruptions and construction measures, a significant amount of energy was generated and considerable reductions in emissions were achieved. The first results of an internal assessment illustrate the potential of urban micro smart grids that integrate electric mobility.