Projects: 25
BeMobility Logo BeMobility 2.0 Scientific support of the integration of electric vehicles in public transport in Berlin and Brandenburg
emma friedrichshafen meckenbeuren BODENSEEMOBIL The tripple connected automobile in the T-City Friedrichshafen
CONNECTED TECHNOLOGIES Research campus for connected sustainable living in the future: InnoZ has developed several scenarios on future mobility and living in connected environments.
DIMIS Development of an application for consistent, intermodal and accessible public transport navigation with the consideration of interfaces between public transport.
e-GAP intermodal e-GAP INTERMODAL Integration of electric power carsharing vehicles in a coordinated mobility concept of the market town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen
e-Mobil Saar Scientific support for the integration of electric vehicles in association with ICT in public transport in Saarland
eConnect Osnabrück Developing an intermodal Mobility concept with electric vehicles in carsharing in Osnabrück
Electrical fleets for Berlin-Brandenburg 250 e-Flinkster and e-Call a bike for the capital region (showcase project A4)
ELISA Offering electric vehicles via an intelligent sharing system
EMD - Extendable and adaptive e-mobility services for electric mobility Extendable and adaptive e-mobility services for electric mobility: In the context of the Showcase Region for Electric Mobility Berlin-Brandenburg, the project EMD develops tools and services for connecting different services, e.g. managing charging processes per app or charging station search. InnoZ develops user scenarios as a basis for future applications.
EUREF-Forschungscampus Mobility2Grid EUREF- RESEARCH CAMPUS MOBILITY2GRID Integration of e-carsharing into the load management of a micro smart grid
GPS-TRAFFIC - Quantitative impact analysis of innovative mobility services and traffic interventions (GPS research and modelling) Application of GPS in transport research. Illustration of possibilities of GPS-based survey methods in transport research
Guide2Wear App Logo Guide2Wear Travelling intermodal – with Google Glass and Smartwatch: On basis of future user scenarios, the project team of Guide2Wear develops an intermodal travel assistant for wearable devices.
INDOOR-NAVIGATION A consistent mobility service necessiates also a navigation and routing within closed buildings: Clarification of standardization and interoperability requirements
INEES (Intelligent network connection of electric vehicles to the performance of system services) Intelligent network connection of electric vehicles with the delievery of system services (for Volkswagen AG)
InnoMOBiL Support the development of site-specific and innovative mobility concepts for two locations of a company in Germany
Quelle: Kiefermedia Interoperable inductive charging Wireless power transition is the most comfortable form of charching electric vehicles
OpenOlli Autonomous vehicles are no science fiction anymore. One of the challenges is to gain standards and get a common understanding between stakeholders involved. This project aims to create an open data pool using the open data portal mFund with data from the test-usage of the autonomous shuttle Olli at the EUREF-Campus in Berlin.
Piloting and Implementing a Mobility-on-Demand System in Hainan Province, People’s Republic of China Piloting and Implementing a Mobility-on-Demand System in Hainan Province, People’s Republic of China
Regional forecasts 2050 Environment analysis and demand forecasts in passenger transport at the level of countires and postal codes
Traffic forecasts Continuous analysis and forecasts for the transport market of persons and goods as well as their environmental conditions
Train companies and their economic importance in the German States Deutsche Bahn as an economic factor in the German states
TwinLab „Micro Smart Grid EUREF“ The aim of the project is the further development of MSG, networking with other Micro Smart Grids and integration with academic trainings. It should be especially investigated, how electric vehicle fleets run by renewable energy sources, can give stability to the power supply system.
Visio.M Creation of holistic concepts for electric cars
WiMobil Examining the effects of e-carsharing systems on mobility and environment in urban areas